May 10, 2022

In Case You Missed It: E&E News Energywire: ‘Get rid of competition’? FERC and the push for power lines

WASHINGTON – The Electricity Transmission Competition Coalition was featured in a May 6 article from the E&E News publication, Energywire, about the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) recent notice of proposed rulemaking (NOPR) that would end competitive bidding, which would lead to higher costs for consumers on top of already rising inflation.

The article highlights criticism of the FERC reforms from consumer advocates, independent renewable energy companies, and others.

By not embracing competition, FERC is adding $525 billion to the cost American consumers must pay by 2050 for new transmission line projects. Transmission competition can reduce costs by up to 30% while also driving innovation that increases efficiency in the electrical grid and reduces carbon emissions.

The Energywire article said:

“Days after FERC issued the NOPR, the Electricity Transmission Competition Coalition — which includes manufacturing groups, retail consumers of electricity, state consumer advocates and others — accused the commission of ‘siding with the monopoly power of incumbent electric utilities’ at the expense of consumers.

“According to the coalition, allowing for competition in the transmission planning process helps keep down the costs of new power lines.

“Minimizing the costs of transmission is critical considering the amount of investment needed to support a carbon-free energy system, said Devin Hartman, director of energy and environmental policy at the free-market focused R Street Institute and a former analyst at FERC.

“A 2020 report from Princeton University researchers, for example, called for expanding the nation’s electric transmission system by 60 percent by 2030 to help achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by midcentury.

“If competition in the transmission planning process is reduced, that could ultimately make new power lines more expensive for consumers — potentially creating “backlash” against building out a robust, carbon-free grid, Hartman said.

‘You want to plan for the future, of course. But if you don’t have the right governance process in place, it’s not clear you’re going to accomplish your objectives,’ Hartman said.”

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About the Electricity Transmission Competition Coalition

The Electricity Transmission Competition Coalition (ETCC) is a broad-based, nation-wide coalition committed to increasing competition in America’s electricity transmission infrastructure. We advocate for common-sense policies and solutions that result in competitively priced transmission projects, which reduce energy costs for all ratepayers – from large manufacturers to residential consumers. The ETCC represents a diverse group of more than 70 companies and organizations from all 50 states, including manufacturing groups, retail electric consumers, state consumer advocates, public power representatives, think tanks, and non-incumbent transmission developers.

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