September 12, 2023

ICYMI: Consumer Energy Alliance is Caught Again Utilizing Fraudulent Tactics

ICYMI – The Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a “fake consumer group” that regularly utilizes shady and fraudulent tactics to push energy-related legislation, was exposed for sending fraudulent, pro-fracking letters to Ohio legislators, according to This is the same group that in March, promoted a pro-utility position that would increase electricity transmission costs on Indiana consumers. CEA supported the right of first refusal (ROFR) legislation while Indiana voters were overwhelmingly against it, agreeing that ROFR laws increase costs and stifle competition.

Journalists interviewed dozens of Ohioans who said they believed their names were used without permission in public comments urging officials to allow fracking for oil and natural gas in some Ohio state parks and protected lands.

This is not the first time the nonprofit has been accused of using citizens’ names on government petitions and public comments without their permission, allegedly using the same practice in Wisconsin in 2014, Ohio in 2016, and South Carolina in 2018.

A swath of the letters stems from The Consumer Energy Alliance, a nonprofit funded in part by the oil and gas industry that lobbies for fossil fuel interests. The alliance submitted more than 1,000 letters stating that allowing for “energy development” in state parks will allow for more investment in state parks.

In interviews with and The Plain Dealer, 25 people whose names appear on those public comments say they didn’t send them or allow someone else to do so. Notably, not a single person interviewed for this story whose name appeared on a CEA form letter said they had sent the letters showing their own name or knowingly authorized them.

The Consumer Energy Alliance has left a trail in three states over about 10 years of people saying the organization used their names on government petitions without consent.

The organization, based in Houston and staffed and operated by HBW Resources, a public relations and lobbying firm, runs on dues from its members, which include major oil and gas companies like Dominion Energy, Columbia Gas, Shell, and others.

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